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Our stated purpose: One Baton Rouge means the acceptance and integration of people of all colors, religions, sexual orientations, nationalities and people of all abilities and all walks of life into every aspect of Baton Rouge community life so that we all will be enriched by each other.

One Baton Rouge April 26, 2008 THE HUMAN RACE.

Tuesday April 17, 2007, many supportive citizens, and Baton Rouge business and spiritual leaders met in Downtown Baton Rouge with Mayor Kip Holden to announce One Baton Rouge Month - all of Baton Rouge is encouraged to meet someone new and different during the month of May. Baton Rouge is coming into its own as a headquarters for tourism, with its easy access to every major cultural attraction in the state, and it is developing new business and industry. Industry is attracted to Louisiana for a variety of reasons - but the people running those businesses have to be attracted on a personal level. Those of us who have lived in Baton Rouge know what a welcoming city it can be, and we want to share our culture and comforts with anyone who is interested in growing with Baton Rouge. Help us further our mutual goal of welcoming all peoples and cultures into the community, fostering a positive environment for business and play, and working to bring harmony to the attitudes and lives of all citizens of Louisiana's largest city.

The Human Race Walkwas April 26, 2008. We spent a pleasant morning getting to know all of our BR neighbors.

Think differently about diversity!

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